Indie Gogo Campaign Going on NOW!

The Indiegogo campaign is up and ready MAY 1ST!

Thank you to everyone who have already given to the campaign fund for my two records:

I Just Wanna Love You / I Just Wanna Let You


Pilot Light

These two records, one rock, (IJWLY/IJWLY) and one folk, (Pilot Light) will go into production come June, and will be ready to blow come late August. The rewards including beautiful original art pieces will be up and out in August as well, and everyone should have their gifts by September.

Thank you in advance for all the support and for rooting me on as I step out onto stage over and over in all of the ways a human can. Its terrifying to ask for help sometimes, and I think that’s another huge reason this campaign has come now; it is time to invest in my worthiness as an artist, and ask others to do the same.

For more information head to the indieGOGO site to watch my video & check out my offerings for your support!

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Katie Burke
"Cold Stop" OUT NOW!

“Cold Stop” is out today, the new single by KB & The Idyllwilde.

The single is out on all platforms today, and premiered on Madness to Creation with a rave review!

This band combines soul, grits from mama’s kitchen, and that desert rock feel to make it feel somewhat euphoric, desperate, and highly emotive all in one package.

See Full Premiere Here

Katie Burke
KB Speaks to "The Ties That Bind Us" about Sobriety & Art

Steve Wildsmith interviews KB, about her relationship to sobriety & creativity in his publication

“The Ties That Bind Us” from Cornerstone Recovery.

Creativity follows our lead, so it followed suit to match my intention. Living life can be hard; there is plenty of hardship in the human condition before you ever even start to get twisted with alcohol and drugs. You don’t need to have a life of starvation or homelessness or recklessness to be a great artist — you need only to be human.


Katie Burke
Spotify Playlist KILLA ROCK Adds "Believer" to the Ranks

Spotify curator KILLAPOPMUSIC added “Believer” to their KILLA ROCK playlist putting KB & The Idyllwilde’s debut single in the company of Muse and Twenty One Pilots as well as some impressive new and emerging rock bands.

Out of the 29 bands on the KILLA ROCK playlist, KB & The Idyllwilde is one of four female-fronted acts. They are very excited to be on the leading edge of a new wave of female-fronted rock that will be invovled in shifting the music industry’s male dominated headlining acts toward a more female future.

Check out “Believer” on the KILLA ROCK playlist HERE!

Katie Burke
AtoZ Exchange Podcast Features KB: They Talk Creativity, Sobriety and "Believer"

The AtoZ Exchange Podcast hosted our very own KB to talk about the new single, “Believer”, creativity, and the best trees to play under for the most effective inspirational activity. At the end of the podcast, KB plays an exclusive LIVE version of the song for listeners!

Check out the whole episode, listen on Spotify now!

Facing your fears is the best way to make music…you become yourself .

That shit [Believer] became my anthem…I started making all the music I wanted to make, anger removed that obstacle, I had to get angry. I couldn’t go to sleep to it, and I couldn’t push it away. I had to stay sober with the anger…

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PRE-SAVE Now Available on All Online Platforms!

PRE-SAVE LINKS ARE HERE! GET ‘EM WHILE THEY’RE HOT! When you check out these links you can pre-buy and pre-save tracks on Spotify, Amazon and more, so that on October 26th at 8pm “Believer” will be yours, downloaded to your library and available for streaming!

Here are your links:



Katie Burke
Music Mecca's Review of "Believer" and KB & The Idyllwilde

KB & The Idyllwilde made Music Mecca’s Artist Spotlight! Here’s what they had to say!

It’s almost as if she is being exorcized on stage, and what comes out is pure unfiltered feeling.

For full article, use link below or click this post’s title!
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"Believer" Drops OCTOBER 26th 2018

On October 26th, the band’s debut single “Believer” will hit streams and downloading sites everywhere. Be sure to check it out on Spotify, Soundcloud and if you’re feeling crazy and supportive…buy it off iTunes! No purchase necessary though because really, we just want you to listen to our music and come to shows so we can sweat on you. Now THAT’S priceless.

new musicKatie BurkeComment